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Decoration after damp proof course

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Onthego2015 Fri 29-May-15 15:32:23

We are considering buying an older house and currently in good decorative order , however the survey has come back and the house needs a damp proof course. This is something that we weren't expecting, we actually really liked the fact that we could move straight in as we have had a lot of disruption over the last few months while looking. We love the house and its in our perfect location but I am wondering just how much hassle its going to be redecorating after the DPC is done. It is an all over job and its a big house over 3 floors, the current owner is willing to pay for the DPC but the redecoration cost lie with us however, and I'm nervous that this could mount up. Does anyone have any experience of this in their past?. As the whole house needs done I think its prudent not to move in before the work has been done. Maybe we should just abandon this house and look for another in the area that's in our budget Any advice greatly appreciated.

OliviaBenson Fri 29-May-15 15:44:12

Is the house actually damp? It sounds like typical surveyor talk to me.

Rising damp is actually quite rare and if damp is present, it's usually because of other reasons.

I would get an independent damp surveyor to look at it (not a company who do these for free while actually selling chemical damp proof courses). I think UK damp have a good reputation on here (I've never used them)

Chemical damp proof courses actually don't usually work in older houses- it's one of the biggest phoney industries IMO.

So maybe there is hope?! But if you are buying an older house, in general it's always good to prepare for the unexpected!

Onthego2015 Fri 29-May-15 16:03:08

It was the mortgage valuation report that mentioned the possible damp so we got a damp expert to look at it and he has confirmed that this is needed, we also need to get a crack at the back of the house looked at also which a structural engineer is going to look at. We noticed some bubbling on one wall but it seemed dry and more to do with age than anything else. There was also some discolouration on the kitchen wall and ceiling but this seems to be due to a previous bathroom leak which is over the kitchen. When we opened the cupboard there was a chalk like texture on the wall. I agree with your point about the unexpected with older houses but I just want to be as prepared as I can. We love the house and the area , we actually looked at it years ago when it was an old student let and a bit of a wreck but the current owner has updated it and done all the cosmetic stuff and to give them their dues they have spent a lot of money on it. So confused the kids all love the house too.

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