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White and blue bedroom - french style?

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Buglife Thu 28-May-15 22:15:30

I have vague ideas of having my bedroom entirely white and blue (with dark wood furniture) and I think this would have a french country look to it. I want pure white walls and white and blue patterns and rugs, I'd like to try and not have classic toile but a variation might be nice. Has anyone got a similar style? Would you say those colours suggest that french country look to you? Anyone got any links to lovely things that may suit? I'm not sure whether I'd like an accent wall of wallpaper... I saw a trompe l'oeil paneling wallpaper from John Lewis that I liked but worry in reality it will look tacky...

ChunkyStory Fri 29-May-15 18:50:58

I love the sound of your scheme and yes it has a french feel. I have white walls brown mostly antique type furniture and it looks very classic and adult.
I'm not usually a fan of feature walls but your wallpaper isn't as brash as many Ive seen so may work well. I mounted a couple of photos onto a toile wallpaper sample as a nod to a French theme (you can only see about 2cm around the edges) which is fairly subtle and not too 'themed'.

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