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laura ashley sofa

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advia1 Fri 22-May-15 15:22:25

I recently purchased a laura ashley sofa from the trafford centre store in manchester. i spent an hour talking through fabric, foam and design choices. i was clear I have two kids and want something durable. i even paid for the kingsmen service (which you can use to take out stains or accidental damage). within months I notices the foam had begun to depress, i followed the advice on the website, plumping, rotating cushions etc, but noticed that the seat cushions looked really shabby and de-shaped, sagging in the middle. I contacted Laura Ashley who said they would send out a technician. a month later, he arrived, took pictures and opened the zip at the back of one cushion rubbed his hand over the chaise lounge and proceeded to fill in a form saying 'laura ashley not at fault' normal wear and tear! i was surprised, the sofa cushions were so out of shape i asked him 'do you think this is how the sofa should look?'- he said 'yes- they do settle over time, this is normal' . i was gobsmacked. anyone could see the sofa was de-shaped and not fit for purpose! it looked like it was 10 years old not 10 months old!
how can you argue with someone who claims to be a professional but has the inability to see the obvious?! the technician then proceeded to inform me that if i didnt agree with his decision i could escalate the my claim and i would have to pay for a private report from someone else! I was surprised at his evaluation- the sofa looked so out of shape it was bizarre he couldn't see it!!! or was not admitting it! as he was leaving he reminded again- 'get a private report from someone like me' he said and 'you could try getting them refilled from somewhere else!' the audacity! i don't know how i maintained my cool. i walked him to the door resigned to the fact that i wasn't likely to get anywhere. i feel this is a con! of course laura ashley will send their own technicians who are less likely to admit their product is not fit for purpose! which predictably -he did.
I phoned the store i purchased the sofa from- i spoke to the manager. I told her i wanted to give them feedback about their consultation process. if i had spent so long with the sales team, why had i not been informed that the seats would 'settle' as the technicain had called it. the manager couldnt do anything (as i expected) she actually laughed when i told her 'i was still paying for the sofa (monthly installments). the conversation i had was amicable. she understood my point and tried to offer me some tips to plump them back up. but to be honest. this is a scam! if you want a quality product that lasts, a service that is fair and reliable then go else where. considering shopping at LAshley- caveat emptor!!! I have two girls 8 and 12, we only use this sofa at the weekends as it is in the TV room. it has not had much use, i cant imagine what it would like if had actually been used well!!!
the technician who came to see the sofa opened the zip at the back of one of the seats- didnt examine the actual place where the foam had depressed, a hand run over the chaise and he was off! it wasn't much of a evaluation. in fact the lady at the trafford centre store said i should call trafford and mention the unsatisfactory evaluation. I have done. customer services wanted me to speak to Carl the 'technican' again. i refused and said he hadnt done a correct evaluation and i they needed to send someone else. if he hadn't done a good job the first time why would he the next time. i have no doubt he will probably lie and say he did take the cushions out when he didn't- i don't have high expectations of Lashley, when they can lie straight to your face and say 'that's how its supposed to look!' i cannot believe the nerve! Both my husband and i work hard for our money and I cant believe we have paid and are still paying for such a poor quality product.
I am now looking to privatly refill the seat cushions- my brother thinks we should take the sofa down to the trafford centre store- put it outside the store and sit on it with our friends and family and let everyone see what a Laura ashley sofa looks like less than 10 months later. put up a sign and say 'grab yourself a bargin!
personally, i would never set foot in that store again! what a SCAM.

wowfudge Sat 23-May-15 07:51:07

I would only ever buy a sofa with good quality foam inserts in the seat cushions. Unfortunately more and more places are cutting costs by using materials that just do not wear as well.

Try Trading Standards or the CAB as you've given them the opportunity to put things right and they won't.

I think the fact the technician stated you could try getting the cushions refilled elsewhere speaks volumes - suggests the filling isn't fit for purpose. I'd put that in writing and suggest Laura Ashley pay for just that.

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