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Shutters ... where did you get yours?

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Newhere2 Wed 08-Apr-15 12:32:25


Wanting to install shutters on thee large windows and am looking for a supplier that provides both good value and a good job.

Any comments most well come.

AllThePrettySeahorses Thu 09-Apr-15 07:14:30

If you're in NW England, I'd recommend Perfect Shutters. Great value and excellent quality.

They take 6 - 8 weeks though, which feels like forever, although I believe that's a pretty standard delivery time.

Madamecastafiore Thu 09-Apr-15 07:17:04

Do not under any circumstances use

We have had them take ours out as they made such a shocking job.

We had sealant everywhere like Colgate factory explosion, shutters were uneven, didn't go down to the floor, I could go on and on. Just don't touch them with the barge pole!

Newhere2 Thu 09-Apr-15 09:06:55

thanks. We were thinking of the shutter store, but it seems very complicated as you have to measure yourself which I think is too tricky.

shall look at perfect shutters

AgnesGrey Fri 10-Apr-15 10:11:12

John Lewis.
They send someone out to do the measuring.

CookieDoughKid Sun 12-Apr-15 22:45:06

California shutters

dontcallmelen Mon 13-Apr-15 21:04:34

Got ours from shutter studio based in south london, they wil come out measure & quote, they did a very good job good quality too we had half shutters three very large windows (10 single shutters in total) was approx two thousand pounds, was just over two years ago though, so prices may have gone up.

Nicole2015 Sat 18-Apr-15 13:58:31

We got our shutters from Affordable Shutters based in Camberley. We got three quotes and they were definitely the cheapest! They were really quick when it came to installing them. It did take a while to get them (6-8 weeks) but definitely worth it. It's a family business, which I quite liked.

greenfieldsAgogo Wed 15-Jul-15 00:49:55

If you live in London or nearby, I would recommend The Traditional Shutter Company. I needed shutters to cover 6 panes of glass the make up a bay window for a Victorian. I was extremely pleased with the quality (ex: nice touches such as magnets to hold the shutters in place, customized heights to cover window handles), the service, and the price. From initial fitting to installation took no more than 7 weeks (and that included a delay of 1 week as I received other quotes).

EvaBeaver Wed 15-Jul-15 01:14:14

The Scottish Shutter Company are amazing (and not just in Scotland!) smile

MrsHooolie Wed 15-Jul-15 14:10:31

I am using a local fitter for our shutters. He has fitted a few of my neighbours and is based in Bromley.

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