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Looking for a bedroom chest of drawers

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ForSaleChesterDraws Sat 21-Feb-15 20:41:57

I am looking for a tallboy that has a lift up lid with a mirror inside for my bedroom. I want to spend about £500, and it needs to go with my black wrought iron bed and Adele raspberry fabric (attached). It also needs to have a wide chest of drawers in the range to go with it. So far I have found

Ikea Malm- Wanted something a bit smarter and want to avoid melamine/ chipboard units
M&S Gainsborough- very nice but a tad too modern and would prefer it to be a bit cheaper
John Lewis Etienne- beautiful but a bit pricey
Made Belle- its not on the website but if you click play on the video you will see a chest in it, but unfortunately it hasn't got handles so I think it'll mark easily.

LoveVintage Wed 25-Feb-15 17:46:51

Google jewellery cabinet. I got something a bit like this in a local vintage shop. Not mirrored, it is a soft grey, very nice and practical too.

ForSaleChesterDraws Fri 27-Feb-15 06:25:26

Thank you! I actually want something a bit bigger, so I can store clothes in the bottom few drawers and makeup in the top. They are a really good start though.

LoveVintage Fri 27-Feb-15 17:16:31

Any luck yet?

ForSaleChesterDraws Sat 28-Feb-15 07:53:12

I think I'm going to get the Laura Ashley Broughton range and get a free standing mirror to go on top.

LoveVintage Sat 28-Feb-15 19:48:45

Nice. Sale on just now too!

ForSaleChesterDraws Sat 28-Feb-15 22:25:48

I know- and 10% off if you open a credit card with them. I ordered a few pieces so it was worth it and I will get £40 of gift vouchers too.

LoveVintage Sun 01-Mar-15 13:52:47

Ooh exciting!

barbaraboon Mon 29-Aug-16 12:57:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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