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What goes with mizzle?!! Head about to explode arghhhhhhhhhhh!

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af2000 Tue 27-Jan-15 22:37:51

We have had our living room painted in F&B mizzle (like a green sort of colour) with white skirting and alcove shelves. I have a light cream sofa with a sort of pattern in the fabric (which we are keeping due to small child and ineditable destruction of said sofa).

I would like an armchair to go in the room with a footstool which can be used for storage and occasional sitting on. What colour should I go for? Do I try to match the mizzle or the sofa or something totally different?! The curtains are neutral but patterned (floral). confused


Devora Wed 28-Jan-15 02:10:44

It's hard to know without seeing your room - in particular, I think, I tend to go more neutral where there is clutter (loads in my house) as colour adds more 'noise'. But if your room is reasonably tranquil I would go for a shot of colour, I think - mustard or burnt orange? If that is too strong, then maybe charcoal or teal?

af2000 Wed 28-Jan-15 06:33:21

Ha yes I love to think of it as being a beautiful tranquil space.. The reality is that it will probably be filled up with toys and gradually destroyed! Love the idea of something charcoal

af2000 Wed 28-Jan-15 06:33:42

First world problems, I know

meandjulio Wed 28-Jan-15 06:34:49

I would go for some kind of purple but I like the sound of charcoal too

but if you could see my house you might not take my design advice tbh

SingRingPing Wed 28-Jan-15 08:06:27

We have mizzle in our play room and dining room. We have an iron grey type sofa with a greeny/blue throw (need to dog proof!). We also need to get two smaller occasional chairs and we were thinking grey shade again (need to keep dark with children/dogs) but with brightly coloured cushions.
I think it's a colour that would go with most things.

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