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Really struggling to think of a colour to paint 12 year old girl's bedroom. Help!

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bryte Thu 22-Jan-15 22:23:16

I'm so indecisive when it comes to paint colours. I spend far too long thinking about it. This is my second paint dilemma on here. I mistakenly put the other one in Property/DIY. Has anyone decorated a preteen bedroom recently? What's a good colour choice?

DD's bedroom is long overdue redecoration. It's the only room not to get a new paint colour since moving into the house a few years ago. She has no preference herself. It's a fairly large room. No picture rail. 1930s ceiling height. Large window. She likes blues but is not adverse to a muted pink. Her curtains are currently turquoise. It would be useful to keep them but not vital. Any suggestions very welcome.

bryte Thu 22-Jan-15 22:24:37


kilmuir Thu 22-Jan-15 22:29:43

the velspar range in b and q is vast. could you both go there for a look.

GloopySoupy Thu 22-Jan-15 22:34:46

Pale blue or grey. Sophisticated. If she still has lots of pink/purple girly stuff you'll find it looks really good against the blue/grey.

What are the big things in her room? Wardrobe, bed, bedding, favourite things? Paint an A4 sheet of paper with the paint samples and hold them up against the existing things to see what looks nicest. You can do a first pass with those colour charts. Often a colour that looks nice on a chart and maybe looks nice in the light of your room, doesn't look right with all your stuff in there too.

Parietal Thu 22-Jan-15 22:35:58

look on pinterest or houzz for teen bedroom ideas & see what you like.

I'd pick a new fabric / curtains first and then chose a paint to go with it.

bryte Fri 23-Jan-15 10:23:56

Thank you. I now think I am going to go for a grey with purple/mauve tones. Then I have the option to use bright colours in other ways e.g. picture frames, curtains, shelves.

Can anyone recommend a good grey/mauve colour for a decent sized south facing bedroom? Definitely not too pink. She's never been into pink.

saveoursouls Fri 23-Jan-15 10:25:14

What about painting just one feature wall in a colour that either matches her existing curtains or in a colour she loves, then doing the rest in tough Diamond white that is wipeable and goes with everything? I agree on getting some new curtains - even very light, airy ones that are a bit transparent and possibly a black out or normal roller blind behind. I have that in my DD bedroom and it's lovely. She has lime green organza-ish curtains (very cheap) and a green roller behind, with white walls and lime accents here and there. Very fresh and timeless. Let's face it, in a few years she'll probably paint over everything in black anyway grin

saveoursouls Fri 23-Jan-15 10:27:54

If her room isn't enormous and you can spend a bit more, farrow and ball have the most amazing paints, both in quality and colour. I swear, anything I have ever painted in their paints, be it a small garden shed or a feature wall indoors, has lasted 10 times more than anything else. Not cheap and probably not something you'd paint a whole house in, unless you have money to burn, but here and there makes quite a difference.

bryte Fri 23-Jan-15 12:53:25

Happy to go for F&B. We've used it in our living room and agree it gives a very different feel to a room.

MissLurkalot Wed 28-Jan-15 23:18:53

I love dulux's Dusted Damson.. It goes beautifully with Mellow Mocha.

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