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What kind of bed do you have? And how do I choose a mattress?!

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indecisiveithink Sun 18-Jan-15 21:46:08

I'm looking for a new super king size bed but no idea what sort to get. We've currently got a vintagey style metal bed frame with a soft mattress. Neither dh or myself are the smallest of people (understatement) and I feel like we need a divan or something rather than wooden slats which aren't very supportive.

But divans aren't very stylish and I do like a bit of interior design. We live in an old house now and our bed goes well but might move to a more modern house. I would happily buy a bed head or make one and I guess they're easy to change, but what do you do with the base? Do people still use those ruffley things?!

So, what kind of bed do you have and can you recommend it? And how on earth do we choose a mattress? Do people really just go by laying on one for two minutes in the shop?!

Blackeyez09 Mon 19-Jan-15 00:13:19

Divan with a ruffled linen bedskirt for style and headboard
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