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IKEA PAX Wardrobes... the thin (35 cm depth) ones..

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MrsOB Sun 18-Jan-15 12:50:43

Just wondered if anyone has these and what their opinion of them is... I need a thin wardrobe for DD's tiny small room and the thin PAX wardrobe would fit nicely. I've just been on the wardrobe creator and the hanging rail faces forward and you pull it out - just wondered whether it would hold many clothes.

I was going to get a double wardrobe with hinged doors - one white, one mirrored.

Any reviews on these would be greatly appreciated - I live about an 80 minute drive to my nearest IKEA so getting there is a bit of a faff.

wowfudge Sun 18-Jan-15 18:49:28

There was a thread asking the same thing earlier this week. We have two single narrow Pax wardrobes in the white oak finish. They are fitted either side of the window in a box room and do not overhang the window. I have a mix of pull out boxes and shelves with skubb fabric boxes. You can get a surprising amount in them.

For clothes storage I imagine they are most suited to children's clothes due to the size.

We also have two of the Besta cabinets fitted above the picture rails in the same room - they give extra storage without impinging on the floor space. We used the push close things instead of putting handles on any of the doors. HTH

MrsOB Mon 19-Jan-15 09:35:00

Great, thanks for the info... Will also try to dig out that other thread smile

PrimalLass Mon 19-Jan-15 11:52:47

I think I answered the other thread.

I have a narrow one with pull out rails. It holds my cardis and jumpers, and I can get a surprising amount in it.

DD has one with pull-out baskets for her folded clothes.

ChristmasName Tue 20-Jan-15 07:27:02

I've got one in a fireplace alcove. I'd recommend it. The rails are the other way round but they work fine for me and I can get a good amount of stuff on them. I have one for long clothes then two stacked rails for shorter stuff, and some shelves at the top.

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