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What feature colour for living room wall, anyone?

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Draylon Fri 16-Jan-15 08:34:28

Two biggish rooms one living with TV and woodburner; the other dining, leading to the conservatory via french windows), connected via an always open double panel door (20 year old 4 bedroom estate house).

Darking laminate wood flooring, pale moss green full length curtains at each end (french window and front window ends of the double room); elephant greyish green leather sofas in the living room; modern beech coloured dining suite in the dining end. White ceilings, doors and woodwork.

The walls are all pretty much pale grey with one 'feature' colour on the wall with the french window, a sort of coral pinky orange like this; if not a tad paler (Dulux Silken sunset 3)- so that's the feature wall in the dining room end. Really, to offset the mossy greens, it should be redder but I can't face fire-engine red!

I want to paint another feature wall in the living room, probably the double door one, and I want to go a bit bold!

Real pink? Real orange? A far more definite coral colour?

I bought this and plan on painting it in dark shiney grey to hang on this new feature wall.

What do you think?

I confess I made a mistake with the curtains, but when we bought the house, the fireplace was a dark, smooth deep green marble (effect?!) and I toned the curtains (£1000!!) to it. Then I found masonry paint so the fireplace is now a pale textured sandstone colour! So I could have made the room any colour! But the floor remains a too-dark engineered laminate which I am going to get looked at and maybe sanded to lighten it a bit? But it will still be reddy brown!

Next time I would go turquoise/pink as my feature colours. I think!

wowfudge Fri 16-Jan-15 14:33:30

How about a purply shade instead? That would complement your greens and your greys and be quite calming I think without being wishy washy colour wise.

Draylon Fri 16-Jan-15 15:58:45

I was thinking that later on, actually! I am off to B&Q to get a sample of every colour they've ever produced!


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