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What colour for my bedroom?

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Pipbin Thu 15-Jan-15 16:33:23

It's a 14x12 front bedroom of a standard three bed semi. High ceilings for the age of the property with a picture rail. It has an original built in cupboard. The floor is painted floorboards. All the furniture is either light wood or white.

I originally planned on a stone grey colour. The bathroom is dark grey and the living room is duck egg blue so I'd rather not have either of those colours.

So, what do you think? What colour?

wowfudge Thu 15-Jan-15 23:31:02

Do you any particular bed linen in mind that could inspire you, or a lovely object or picture you'd like to have in the room?

Pipbin Thu 15-Jan-15 23:37:56

Well we will be getting a new king size bed so new bed linen.
We do both like this bed though so that might dictate the colour.

GlitteryLipgloss Thu 15-Jan-15 23:48:17

Pinterest is amazing for inspiration

Lulu3108 Fri 16-Jan-15 00:01:32

Neutral colours as they go with everything and the accessories you could 'colour bomb' bedding, curtains, cushions, rugs, can be more cheaply replaced than re painting or new furniture if you wanted to change the scheme.

You could always do a feature wall of plain paint or wallpaper x

mouses Tue 27-Jan-15 18:47:23

my neighbour has her room decorated with white walls, white bedding, a mix of white and oak furniture. looks lovely and fresh. as you have floor boards it sounds like it could work well?

would love to do it in mine - but with my kids.... big no! grin

tinytops Wed 28-Jan-15 08:45:13

I think dulux's polished pebble is a really lovely calming colour for a bedroom. If you look on it online it looks like a pale grey, but on walls it comes out more blueish

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