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need help decorating bathroom

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rainydays4 Mon 12-Jan-15 00:46:26

I have a small bath room (around 2mx2m). Our bath, electric shower, toilet and sink are all white. There are some white tiles (only around bath/shower and sink). The walls are painted cream. The floor is a medium wood. There's a small (frosted) window with no sill.

It's so boring and I can't think what to do with it. What colour scheme should I go for and how do I just make it look nice? Any ideas how to store towels? We have 1 rail but ideally I would like a basket or something? The window doesn't give in much light so it always feels really dull. Please help!

wowfudge Wed 14-Jan-15 09:39:42

What about improving the lighting? Maybe a mirror with light incorporated and if it's a single central light, put suitable spotlights in - say three lights on a bar or rose which can be directed to different areas?

If there is quite a bit of wall space, consider painting at least one wall a brighter colour and following that through with accessories. Including bathmat and towels. I don't store towels in the bathroom. If you have space elsewhere, store them out of the bathroom.

If you can put a plant in there it will help lift things too. We have a peace lily on top of a drawer unit in ours.

Mrsdp123 Thu 15-Jan-15 17:15:17

We've just painted our bathroom Purbeck Stone and painted all of the cabinets in Downpipe (both F&B), accessorised with dark grey towels, bin etc. Looks much better than the bright orange pine door and off white yellow walls there were before. Sadly still doesn't detract from the corner bath that we have inherited in there but until I can make my mind up about what we want to do with the room that will probably include knocking a wall down it looks much less "old folks home"...

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