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Confused about curtain sizes.

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pippop1 Sun 11-Jan-15 18:52:53

I'm looking to replace some curtains (but keep the same curtain rail) on a bedroom window.

I'm looking at pencil pleat ones on websites and they have sizes quoted (eg: 46 inches x 54 inches.)

Does this mean the size of the window they will fit (so that those measurements are the size of frame and glass)


does it mean those measurements are what the curtain material measures before you pull them into pencil pleats with the string? (in this case I can measure my old ones).

Even then, is the first measurement the "drop" (ceiling to floor) and the second measurement the horizontal width of the material or the other way round? Help (please)!

I'm really confused and don't want to buy the wrong thing.

The actual window is 2m x 1.5m by the way so that size (above) was just an example.

I'm sure some of you clever people that understand curtains will find this a stunningly simple question but it's beyond me. Thank you for your help (I hope).

Its width first then drop. The measurement is for each curtain so depending how much gather you like you want each curtain to be about the size of the space you want to cover. When measuring the drop don't forget to measure from the pole/rail to how far below the window you want them to hang :-)

wowfudge Sun 11-Jan-15 20:23:47

If you have a look, somewhere on the website there will be a guide on how to measure so you buy the right size.

EmilyMaitliss Sun 11-Jan-15 20:31:35

The width is the actual size of the curtain, before you gather them. If you don't want them to look really skimped make sure the curtain is 2 x or 2.5 x the width of the window. So in the example you gave of a 46" wide curtain, your window would have to be less than 23". For the length, As pp said, measure from your pole to where you want the curtain to be. IMHO they usually look much better if they go to the floor. On occasion I've had the pole heightened or lowered to make curtains the correct length. Good luck.

pippop1 Mon 12-Jan-15 13:24:49

Thanks to all those that replied.

I think I'll measure again first to make sure I'm working it out correctly.

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