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Buying new sofa-'Aqua Clean' fabric- anyone tried it?

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Iatemyskinnyperson Wed 07-Jan-15 13:29:00

We're shopping for new sofas. We're looking for very hard-wearing pieces, as our youngest has ASD, so is hard on furniture (as in a very extended toilet training phase) along with usual wear & tear.

So we went to a local store... The salesman recommend a new fabric called 'Aqua Clean', which is supposed to repel stains and allow easy clean up. No real additional cost but only on the more expensive models.

I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience of it...

Our other option is leather, which I'm not crazy about. I think they can show wear sooner due to scuff marks/scratches etc.

Please share your experiences!! Thx

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gaydad79 Sat 15-Apr-17 09:29:48

I was just looking into this same thing for an armchair that we're considering buying for the nursery. Did you end up getting the sofa with the aquaclean fabric? Would you say it's worth it?

The armchair that we're considering is 100% polyester but looks and feels like velvet. Given that it's navy and aquaclean, we were hoping it would be suitable as a nursing chair.

Any thought would be greatly appreciated!

Mummymummymummmeeeee Sat 24-Jun-17 14:25:23

I'm planning to buy a sofa with this fabric - I got a sample from John Lewis and have thrown everything I can at it - red wine, ketchup, olive oil, fruit juice and it's all just washed off with water weirdly easily! I'm going to try tea next when it dries out. I did get another sample of a cheaper water repellent fabric too though, same stains didn't wash off with just water but I had a go with washing up liquid the next day and seems to have cleaned up okay. I would get some samples of whatever fabric you're interested in and try them out and weigh it up against your budget - I'm hoping the extra money spent now will be saved in the long run

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