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Has anyone stained Ikea untreated pine furniture?

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Suddengeekgirl Mon 05-Jan-15 14:52:09

I'm getting dd a bed from ikea that is untreated pine. I want to stain it to match the other wooden furniture in her room. Is there anything I need to know/ do?
I'm thinking of using the ikea antique stain - but not 100%. confused

Suddengeekgirl Sat 10-Jan-15 07:55:16

Done it. smile

I used the ikea antique stain/ glaze. One tin was enough for 2 coats on a single bed. It went on easily, although was very runny so don't over load your brush.
It washed off my skin with soap and water easily enough, but despite the label saying to wash brushes in water they needed a good soak in white spirit to get them clean. hmm

Really pleased with the result and dd slept through in her new bed which is always a welcome experience! grin

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