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Alternative to cream carpet?

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FunkyPeacock Thu 01-Jan-15 13:14:57

We need to replace our lounge carpet due to accidental damage. It is only about 4 years old and even before the current damage it has numerous marks on it which will not budge despite having paid to have it professionally cleaned

I definitely don't want tiles, wood or laminate but wondering if a colour other than cream would be easier to keep clean?
But it is a large room with light decor so can't really imagine it looking good with a darker or patterned design

Any ideas for an alternative or tips for keeping a pale colour carpet looking good? (but I am definitely not prepared to become obsessive about guests removing shoes!)

Eminybob Thu 01-Jan-15 13:24:03

Chocolate brown? I viewed a house with brown carpets all the way through and it actually looked quite nice.
I have "caramel" in my house now, so a dark cream/beige but it does show the dirt and there are a couple of stains already (only had it a yearblush) so I wish I had gone darker.

FunkyPeacock Thu 01-Jan-15 15:35:08

Thanks Eminy
Not got as far as going to the carpet shop yet but will see what they have in brown & caramel shades

spottymoo Thu 01-Jan-15 19:01:04

We have a medium brown medium pile and with two dogs daily vacuuming on hair it still looks new two years later.

The longer pile tends to find a multitude of sins rather than flat weeve.

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