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What to go with this wallpaper?

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I have a sudden urge to redecorate my living room/dining room.

It's currently pale grey (Dulux Polished Pebble) but it's so light it looks washed out when daylight hits it tbh. I have a plum and pewter feature wall, which ended up a bit dark next to the paleness of the grey, plum curtains and black sofa (was meant to be grey!!!),also oak furniture,ivory carpet in living room and oak laminate and furniture in dining room. Living room and dining 'room' are joined together but not in typical living room/diner style as only half of the dining 'room' is visible from living room and open to it.

The feature wall separates the two about halfway through and also has the fireplace (stonecoated in grey limestone)

I have this gorgeous wallpaper spare, enough to do the feature wall on both sides and like a bit of pattern and colour in rooms. Paper, in real life, looks a lot better, is stunning, and has a kinda matt metallic finish to the background.

I want to stick to greys for walls to fit with the rest of the house (mix of light grey,light greige and greyed white) if possible.

Any colour recommendations to go with the paper?

Also, what accent colour could I realistically use without it looking a bit daft? I need some colour somewhere!

Thinking of Roman blinds and curtains as radiators are under Windows, and moving my sofa which currently sits in front of a window.

What mix would be good for the blinds and curtains to go with the paper and walls?

If I can't decide I'll just end up ebaying the paper (because it's expensive stuff that I got for an unbelievable bargain grin ) and then get mopedly frustrated later!

I can never decide and frequently decorate blush

Should add that current paint doesn't take very well to my parrots occasional accidental misdirection of 'toilet' aim too, so the room definitely needs repainting anyway grin

Bumping for sanity

Teapot13 Sat 03-Jan-15 04:27:14

I think plum would still look nice -- could you keep the same curtains?

Teal would be trendy right now. I really like it, but it will probably date. If you decorate frequently that might not bother you.

walkardaniel Sat 03-Jan-15 06:20:56

Sometimes colors are selected because it is simply a favourite, But you should choose eye-catching and suitable color. I believe red like brighten red, pink, rose, burgundy and raspberry are the best color options for your wallpaper.


Plum wise,I think I would definitely still need to replace the curtains with a more greyish neutral as they are opposite the feature wall and may look a little off,especially if the black sofa stats in front of the window (it is blocking heat from the radiator,hence wanting to move it,but could only put it along a wall adjacent to the fireplace so may be a bit daft hmm)

Any excuse for red for me grin it is my favourite colour but went against it after certain people moaning about the red I used to have in my old living room so it's currently confined to the kitchen and ,soon, my bedroom.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to do it yet.Tbh I have a habit of redecorating quite frequently,I've managed two years without redoing a single room so far which is a miracle for me! My bedroom will definitely be done though as I added nice greenery accessories for a bit of a fresh feel, and have regretted it,as had started getting everything before moving here,now ex was going to move with us but ran off months before and hates red.So I can get lots of red if I want to!!! grin

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