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What colour paint in my bathroom?

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AsBrightAsAJewel Sat 27-Dec-14 12:25:39

DS is about to start to refit our very small en-suite. The cabinets are white with stainless steel fittings. He is using small mosaic wall tiles in the shower and large tiles on the floor (see picture). I may make a new blind from some fabric I already have - cream with a brightish pink and sage green floral pattern) and I already have a bright pink bathmat and towels.

I have tried numerous test pots and can't make up my mind. Creams, coffees, beiges, etc. don't look right, nor did the pale sage green (just looked dirty against the tiles) I'm not a fan of dark colours. My DH is against pale pink AHHHHH!

Anyone with an eye for colour go any good ideas? I don't mind changing the towels and making a different blind if I really need to.

ThrowAChickenInTheAir Sat 27-Dec-14 12:36:44

We did our bathroom this year. I guess our tiles are similar-ish in colour to yours maybe a little lighter. They are on the floor and halfway up the wall.

The top half of the walls are white with white gloss cabinets. It needed something fresh like white to lift it. More brown would have been a bit dingy.

I've injected a bit of colour with two colours of plain towels. Some dark brown ones and some bright cherry red ones (keep meaning to get a matching red bath mat). Also have a dark brown and white striped blind.

My theory is keep the tiles and paint neutral and change the look with strong colours in the towels, mats and blind.

VitalStollenFix Sat 27-Dec-14 12:38:55

I like white. It is clean, goes with anything and it doesn't date.

And bathrooms are generally small places and light colours make rooms look bigger whereas darker colours close them in.

26Point2Miles Sat 27-Dec-14 13:36:16

Teal and dark turquoise are very popular right now. ( I work in paint/decor)

AsBrightAsAJewel Wed 31-Dec-14 18:47:47

Thank you! I think we are heading towards white, then adding colour with towels and the blind. I won't use the fabric I already have (cream, pink and green) and keep my eyes open for something different. I like the idea of brown and cherry red Throw. I'll want a fairly small print.

yomellamoHelly Sun 11-Jan-15 08:48:07

We have a claret red with those colours. (Is north facing so very little natural light.)

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