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Anyone got Joas White, Matchstick or Dimity?

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Eastwickwitch Tue 09-Dec-14 20:11:08

Looking for a non yellow neutral so go in a room with a lot of oak panelling.
We're about to do the next room in Oxford Stone with London Stone on the woodwork.
F&B suggested these colours but I hadn't really considered them.

I have Old White in a hall, it's a lovely colour but has a green tinge so not suitable for our blueish furniture.
Have gallons of Skimming Stone elsewhere.

ChristmasName Tue 16-Dec-14 07:39:47

Dimity is quite pinky, almost a pale flesh colour. I have it in my porch which has burgundy tiles- it reads white but looks a lot nicer than the actual white that was there before. I tried a wall in a sunny room and it looked really dull and dreary.

Not what you asked for, but I always like Farrow & Ball bluey-greeny colours with panelling.

Eastwickwitch Tue 16-Dec-14 17:49:24

I've gone for Joas White on the walls and Dimity on the ceiling and skirting.
It's a very old room with beams, wonky ceilings and brown panelling and looks quite good. It works with a very period room (wonky ceilings, ancient beams) that we will use mostly in the evening.
Could be a bit gloomy in a modern room I think.

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