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rangemaster hi lite cooling fan noise

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lingalonga Thu 04-Dec-14 09:33:38

Hi, we've just redone our kitchen and bought a rangemaster hi lite induction and it has a REALLY loud fan that kicks in moments after the oven has been turned on. An engineer came out to look at it and says its the cooling fan and has to run. It sounds like a jet engine! tbshock Has anyone else had this experience? The stove is being replaced as a foot was damaged on installation and rangemaster say it might be better next time, but i have my doubts... anyone got any feedback on this model?
ps this is my first post on mumsnet, no idea whether my emoticon going to work tbblush

LFTCH123 Sun 15-Mar-15 20:42:15

I have just had exactly the same problem.... bought a new ceramic classic rangemaster two weeeks and found that there is a cooling fan on the back that sounds like a jet engine every time the oven or grill are turned on. Have had the engineer out to change the fan, but there is no difference.....have complained to customer services and sent a recording of the noise to Rangemaster ...but they couldn't care less, won't allow me to speak to an engineer and keep saying that noone else has complained and this noise is normal ! It's terrible....sounds as if there is a loud vaccuum cleaner on in the kitchen and totally ruins the atmosphere in the adjacent dining room. I am so miserable and disappointed. This seems to be a serious design fault and it's outrageous given the cost of the cooker. I am wondering whether to post the video files on facebook to see if anyone else has had this probem.

I would be very sad to send the cooker back as it looks good ....but the noise is just unacceptable.Has anyone found a way to deal with this problem?

Pootle078 Wed 22-Apr-15 21:31:43

Same problem here, it drives me nuts! We have an induction classic deluxe. We had an engineer visit soon after buying the cooker and he changed the fan - no better but it does seem to vary and sometimes it is worse than others. Tonight was v bad! I was also going to send customer services a video but I guess there's no point...:-(

LFTCH123 Thu 23-Apr-15 08:04:03

This is an ongoing problem which Rangemaster engineers cannot or don't want to fix. I gather it may be that they have changed the position and type of fan (which used to be further down the back of the oven) the new models are louder. Every time I have called Rangemaster they say that noone else has complained so there is no problem with the oven. If everyone who is having this problem complains and posts their complaints on the Rangemaster site maybe the company will take it seriously!.

LFTCH123 Thu 23-Apr-15 08:18:05

The Rangemaster Facebook page has a place to make comments and complain about unresolved problems - a good place to start trying to get the company to pay attention to actual customers ? ....

QueenOfTheSlipstream Thu 23-Apr-15 08:23:37

And there was me thinking it was just us! Yes, Rangemaster induction with VERY loud fan sad. We had an engineer who replaced the fan and it was quiet for a few weeks then it just went back the same! Bloody irritating.

Baileyboy10 Fri 01-May-15 11:39:06

Bought a Rangemaster in November Hi Lite 110 and thought as we had spent so much on it there wouldn't be a problem.
It arrived was connected and there was a loud bang when switched on!
It had never been checked properly before being sent out and the oven was removed and we received our second oven a few days before Christmas. This one arrived with a damaged top which we had to wait 6 weeks to be replaced. There is a loud buzzing when the oven is turned on and lots of steam comes out of the back when cooking.
Rangemaster have so far been useless and we are now fed up and have asked for our money back through the sale of goods act 1979.

paulholliday Fri 28-Aug-15 11:18:13

I have posted a video of this, is this a "normal" noise for a induction oven?

getaname1 Tue 01-Sep-15 21:05:44

Is it just the induction hob that's noisy or is it the fans in the ovens and grill. We're looking at buying a Hi-Lite with the gas hob. Don't want any fan noise really. Had a Smeg. Dreadful!

paulholliday Tue 01-Sep-15 22:34:39

It's the cooling fan for the unit the makes the noise, the induction has its own fan to cool, and the fan oven of course has its own fan too.

2catzz Sun 20-Dec-15 17:19:46

We bought a Belling range cooker, which arrived badly damaged, Belling constantly ignored us, they have zero customer service, so in desperation we eventually got Currys to sort it out, and the only decent looking option before Christmas was a cheaper Flavel.
It is fine, but the fan oven sounds like we are living on Heathrow Runway No. 1

GalacticUncle Mon 25-Apr-16 18:04:36

@paulholliday that is the same horrendous noise that comes out of our Nexus 110. Takes over the whole kitchen and is not very nice. If you do a long slow roast you basically can't socialise in the kitchen.

Anyone had any success fixing this?

Frankly29 Sun 23-Apr-17 09:55:08

Has this problem been resolved for anyone? I've had a new classic deluxe induction and have the same issue. Had no response from Rangemaster when I asked if it was normal. Now I've read this and it clearly isn't.

Pablo85 Sat 09-Sep-17 15:16:20

Hello, we also just bought theinduction 110 Hi-lite. After turning it on we it sounded like a mini jet engine and we were pretty devastated. We phoned up and they were most unhelpful. They said they could send an engineer in 4 weeks!!! After seeing all the other friedns we were pretty devastated.
However, help may be at hand. I removed the back top right hand cover to look into the cooling fan. There was a sticky label from the manafacturers attached to one of the wires behind the fan which was caught in the spinning fan. I simply pushed the wire back and problem solved. Again, rangemaster were very unhelpful

Pablo85 Sat 09-Sep-17 15:16:58

see below to my post to see if this solves the problem

MirrorTable Sat 09-Sep-17 15:31:07

I've got the professional deluxe but with gas hob and electric ovens, no problems with loud noises what so ever?

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