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Help! curtain crisis

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Misty9 Mon 01-Dec-14 22:35:21

We've just had our bedroom redecorated in a dark grey/brown textured wallpaper up to the picture rail, and a pale lilac paint above. Woodwork and ceiling are white. I Envisaged teal accent colours and have lamps from homebase in the perfect colour. I'm totally stuck with the curtains though and it's starting to stress me out!

Dh doesn't like shiny fabric, so faux silk is out. We both like a texture such as a woven finish, but I'm on the third pair of ready made ones (to be returned) and am despairing of finding something we both like.

Needs to be eyelet preferably due to awkward curtain pole extension, and getting them made to measure is a bit pricey. Do such curtains in teal exist?!

Misty9 Mon 01-Dec-14 22:36:09

Oh and 66x90 with a budget up to £180ish

OrangeOwl Tue 02-Dec-14 04:37:28

Are these from Next any good? I've got 4 pairs in other colours and they are a good curtain, thicker than most.

OrangeOwl Tue 02-Dec-14 04:38:59

Only thing I would say is if they are wide curtains, they have a seam down them. Doesn't bother me, but check out the reviews.

OrangeOwl Tue 02-Dec-14 04:44:29

Oh no, I've just checked and they're sold out! sorry Misty sad

Misty9 Wed 03-Dec-14 07:58:30

Thanks for trying orange - i can only guess from the time you posted that you were night feeding?! I had seen those next ones and it's good to know they're a quality curtain. Might email them or something.

I'm now not sure about having teal curtains at all and think maybe neutral would look better? Argh! I hate bloody window dressing, this happens every single effing time!

deraila Wed 03-Dec-14 22:55:40

I read your other thread. I def think neutral but that's just me. I agree with your DH - I'd careful with faux silk on as large a scale as curtains.

OrangeOwl Fri 05-Dec-14 21:40:20

smile Misty, I wasn't night feeding, that was years ago. I just wake up most nights. Thank goodness for Mumsnet. Neutral could be good. Or even a mocha or mink colour?

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