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Replacement drop-in seats for dining chairs

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Treeceratops Mon 01-Dec-14 07:33:16

We've been given Grandma's old dining chairs. They're lovely, but some of the leather drop-in seats have perished. Does anyone know where to get replacements? Please don't say to have a go at re-upholstering myself.

Sandthorn Wed 03-Dec-14 20:11:30

Ok, but it's not very hard, you know... wink

You're pretty unlikely to get anything off-the-peg, so try the yellow pages for local upholsterers and furniture restorers.

Treeceratops Thu 04-Dec-14 15:39:18

Thank you Sandthorn but I'm not sure my family want to risk staples in their bums grin . Will find an upholsterer.

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