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Suggest work tops to me please

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blushingmare Fri 28-Nov-14 22:02:22

We're re-doing our kitchen in January grin. Painted, shaker style in some kind of nice Farrow & Ball type neutral shade with a limestone floor.

We think we want a black/dark grey worktop and for now have settled on a very plain black granite, in a satined finish, which is matt, but I keep thinking it's not quite right.

What I have in my head is something very natural looking, not harsh at all. No sparkles, not shiney, with rounded edges. Like the black or grey smooth pebbles you find on the beach, but in a worktop!!

Does such a thing exist and if so what is it? We've been quoted for granite and are already at the top of our budget so couldn't stretch to anything more expensive than that really.

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