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alternative to track spotlights for kitchen / diner extension with sloping roof?

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inconceivableme Sun 23-Nov-14 10:01:46

Hate the track spotlights in our kitchen / diner extension (open plan to large lounge).

Tried replacing the glary and too bright halogen bulbs with LEDs and now it's not bright enough.

Any suggestions please?!

inconceivableme Mon 24-Nov-14 13:53:35


Longdistance Mon 24-Nov-14 13:58:55

We're just building an extension, but a playroom with a sloping roof. We have a Velux to let light in, and we are hoping for adjustable LED spotlights, and some wall lights for a different ambience.

Just throwing ideas at you. Could you maybe have pendulum lights to replace the spotlights? They'd be closer than spots.

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