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Painting around a wood burning stove

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leo16 Fri 21-Nov-14 22:36:38

I've recently installed a wood burning stove and it's now ready for decorating. I am unsure whether I need to use any specialist paints and am hoping someone may be able to help.

The stove is set into the wall and surrounded by the fireproof plasterboard with a slate hearth underneath. So it is as if the stove is in the wall e.g it isn't inserted into a traditional fireplace. I am not sure whether normal paint is ok given there is no clearance between the stove and the plasterboard. I checked the temperature of the plasterboard beside the stove and it reached 140C, which seems like it might be too high for regular paint. I can't find anything about painting walls beside stoves which are right next to the plasterboard.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

HocusUcas Sat 22-Nov-14 12:07:50

I think you can get special paint for painting inside fireplaces . We had this in our last house to paint inside one of those inset gas fires. IIRC correctly the colour choice wasn't great (i.e. any colour as long as it's black) but that was a fair few years ago. So yes I would look around for paint to use with fires etc

HocusUcas Sat 22-Nov-14 12:15:24

This was just a quick google so I am sure you can find something - Good luck !

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