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Wallpaper experts? Help!

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berberana Wed 19-Nov-14 22:07:46

Did anyone see tonight's Interior Design Challenge (Wed 19th Nov)? It was the houses in Wimbledon - we have a v similar style house and we're very keen on the wallpaper with blue/green bird design. Have googled everything we can think of but can't find the exact paper on sale anywhere - the designer said William Morris but that doesn't bring it up. Does anyone have any idea where it's from?? Thanks!

Georgiesgirl Thu 20-Nov-14 07:39:18

It's a William Morris pattern called Strawberry Thief. I think John Lewis brought it out in these colours for a 150th birthday limited edition run but I don't think it's in stock now.

berberana Thu 20-Nov-14 14:59:30

Aah how frustrating. We thought it looked a bit like strawberry thief but a fresher less busy version. Most disappointing, we spent last night planning how we would decorate our room with it!!

Georgiesgirl Thu 20-Nov-14 17:42:33

It's gorgeous, isn't it? All the other colour ways are quite heavy. This is sort of similar and very pretty. Sanderson Suva

berberana Thu 20-Nov-14 18:59:29

Ooh that is nice, thank you. Will show to DH.

bilbodog Thu 27-Nov-14 16:22:20

in case its of any use Cath Kidston is doing a wallpaper with budgies on which is quite fun?

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