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Best damp paint?

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Lovemcgarrett Sun 16-Nov-14 11:00:28

The wall that is against the front of the house gets dreadfully mouldy in the winter. I moved the big oak cabinet and the wall and cabinet are covered in black and green mould. It's horrible! I leave the windows open at least an hour a day. Anyway, what is the best paint to use? A damp seal undercoat or the additive that you can buy to add to paint? How long between treating it with HG mould remover and painting it? Thanks

Sandthorn Sun 16-Nov-14 14:39:41

Forget the paint for now and address the actual problem. No paint will fix it if you've got water coming in. I assume you own the house, otherwise get onto your landlord to fix it.

How old is your house? Do you have cavity walls? Suspended floors? Can you see the air bricks near the bottom course of bricks outside the front of your house? What state is the pointing between the bricks? How's your guttering? Could the water be coming from any other source? Any bay windows? Any chimneys? Do you dry washing indoors?

Obviously clean off all the existing mould, and leave the cabinet a few inches out from the wall to let it air while you diagnose and correct the problem.

Lovemcgarrett Sun 16-Nov-14 16:12:22

It's rented - terrace, early 1900s I guess. Landlord says it is just the ventilation and I need to open my windows more and she bought a dehumidifier. Had a couple of people look in the roof and no leaks. There are no radiators on in the room (the only tiny one is broken) but there is a metal pipe which seems to be covered in mould first.

The landlord won't do anything, the cost of moving is too much and the rent is about 60% of neighbouring properties so I was looking at painting to try to keep it coming through for at least this winter

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