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blank canvas house, help!

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thetimeisnow Mon 10-Nov-14 16:10:11

we are very lucky to be moving soon into a new build 3 bedroom house.
The only furnishings we'll have are 2 secondhand sofas, dining table which may or may not fit in the kitchen diner!
we'll take the curtains we have for time being.

I really want to decorate this house properly but I am totally clueless when it comes to home design, Pinterest has given me lots of ideas and I love the glamorous downstairs loo on another thread.

Also we have to carpet throughout so this is going to be the main cost at first.

Should I try and get 1 or 2 bits that cost a bit more or go for budget and replace over time? For example a white Venetian blind under a tenner or a lovely Roman blind in colours that I'd like for the kitchen?

Any ideas please? Thank you!

holeinmyheart Mon 10-Nov-14 20:19:25

It depends on what style you want the house to reflect. There are quite a few, such as Eclectic, minimalist, modern, retro, beach etc. Every interior Decorator is different as well so you will get differing advice.
I decorate my rooms so that the colour scheme can be changed easily as most interior decoration goes out of fashion within 10 years.
If you have children then you need to keep the carpeted areas to a minimum as the floors are going to get into a mess. if you want your house to feel as though it is filled with light, dark flooring makes rooms look smaller. So flooring needs to be light unless you have enormous rooms.
I would put vinyl down in the hall ( I like limed oak) and anywhere where kids are going to eat. I put vinyl down where they were going to come in and possibly bring in dog dirt on their shoes. Also in the bathrooms. Carpet and wee do not mix.
The stairs are carpeted in my house, but the distance from the door to the carpet was enough for me to prevent oil or pooh being carried onto the carpet. Tiles are hard and cold. Kids drop things.
Also you don't really want things to last as your kids are going to wreck things, not intentionally. You can replace things with more expensive stuff when they have stopped throwing things and can sit still.

For myself I would paint all wood satin white. All walls ivory. Then use patches of colour to make things brighter. Also cushions and throws can be washed. You don't want to make your children miserable by making your house into a shrine.
Your budget is going to make a difference as well and also if you are able paint and make stuff yourself.
I really need more of an idea of what colours you like and details of the style of your furniture to give you more advice.
Personally I only bought expensive stuff when my children had grown up a bit. Everyone who comes to my house thinks it is beautiful, but it is also practical.

thetimeisnow Mon 10-Nov-14 20:52:41

Thank you. some good points.
Have a 3yr old, teens and a dog so agree about lino in the hall.
Where we are now has magnolia walls which I've quite liked as its clean looking but feel the need for a bit of colour!
I'm not sure what my tastes are, I like modern, we've brought a sideboard and matching coffee table in oak, quite minimalist.
Have never had matching furniture before!
Thinking about that though, I do want it to have some personality this is where I can't sort the tat ornaments from the classy!
My mantra for this house is storage storage storage to keep things clear.
I do like the white washed/ rattan heart type stuff but think this is a bit too trendy and will date quickly.
I've saved the bedroom for teal as I've loved this colour for ages!
Was going to get some extra large throws in cream for the sofas, not sure what colour and in what format to do the living room. I like vertical stripes.
must add my dh is happy for me to pick all this as he's more clueless than me!

Misty9 Mon 10-Nov-14 21:58:15

Have you got time before moving in to do some decorating? It can be overwhelming very easily, I know. We picked the most lived in rooms to do first, so the living room (as the kitchen diner was brand new) and also our son's room as a sentimental thing. Then we needed to replace carpets throughout downstairs so it made sense to decorate hall stairs and landing beforehand.

A year later we're just getting around to thinking about our bedroom, and I'm dying to do the downstairs loo! (I'm on that thread smile )

When you say blank canvas, do you mean plaster bare walls? Or just neutral throughout?

As for whether to buy cheap (and twice) or fork out to start with, again I'd prioritise and find the medium costing things if possible. What's important to you? Order? Style? Storage can add up so mmaybe start there and choose a style?

holeinmyheart Mon 10-Nov-14 22:25:49

Well the complementary colour to Teal is Coral. I hate Coral, so there you go. I like teal though.
I would not make each room different colours. Are there any new builds with show houses near you. If you can go and look at one or two developments.
You will see that most of them have a theme. A colour scheme will run through the house and make it appear co-ordinated.
IKEA has some good designers and lovely mid price furniture for you to get inspiration from.
I do think it is a mistake to buy expensive furniture as your taste will change over the years and if you buy a very expensive piece and then get fed up with it, you won't be able to get rid of it without guilt. Also if your kids take a pair of scissors to an antique we will be able to hear you screaming.

thetimeisnow Tue 11-Nov-14 07:19:18

coral? um, no! reminds me of the 80's!
Teal & white with silver is my fantasy colour at the moment.

At the moment we can't even get in to look around and measure the windows :-(
Have a move date of 2 weeks time, we were hoping to get the keys early to sort carpets etc but I don't think that will happen.

Not sure if the walls will be plain plaster(probably) or magnolia.

When we went to look at carpets, we said what colour? Then got despondent thinking it needed to be dark beige because of said dog and children, have a grotty brown carpet now, so bored of beige/browns.

So, think we'll go for what we can afford, maybe top end budget, and not get anything precious.

Not too sure about having the same theme throughout, had thought upstairs all being the same carpet so that looks 'clean'
How would you work individual rooms?

Thank you for the replies so far! I'm probably over thinking it all but this wait is making me twitchy, been packed for weeks!

Misty9 Tue 11-Nov-14 11:24:49

We've got stripey carpet in hall stairs and landing and it looks great. Wearing well too. Neutral can be a bit boring when you first think about it, but you can add lots of colour with accessories. You'll be surprised what yoyou're happy to live with Once you're in!

thetimeisnow Tue 11-Nov-14 12:35:05

I love stripy carpet!

DarylDixonsDarlin Tue 11-Nov-14 12:45:40

When we bought our new build the walls and woodwork had a basic covering of paint, just white wood and cream walls. Nice and neutral and the same throughout, it gives you a good base to work from.

We had the entire house done in the same carpet, except kitchen/bathrooms which were lino for obvious reasons. I love stripy stair carpets, but I think it wouldn't work so well in our stairs where there is a half landing.

Enjoy your new home, when you finally get in to it! smile

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