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wood effect vinyl for bedroom and ensuite in loft?

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yumyumpoppycat Sun 09-Nov-14 01:08:13

I would love to have wood running seamlessly through our bedroom and ensuite bathroom, but the general consensus is that this wooden flooring would not be great in the bathroom. DP is also worries as the loft is likely to get v hot in the summer and this might warp a wood floor.

Another option is Amtico (and I really like the parquet effect) but it is v expensive - tooo expensive really. So far the vinyl wood effects I have seen in local carpet shops haven't looked nearly as good as the amtico at John Lewis and make me think DP is right and we should go with traditional carpets and tiles. Our budget is probably max about £40 - 50 p sqm including fitting

Soooo what should we do carpet and tiles or wood effect vinyl?

Thanks for any tips

VodkaKnockers Sun 09-Nov-14 02:01:20

I had grey wood effect vinyl in my son's bedroom when he was younger.

Loads of people commented on how nice it was and I'm now planning on getting it for my kitchen and bathroom.

A lot of people don't like vinyl but I think its a very good cost effect floor covering, especially in places that will have high humidity

yumyumpoppycat Sun 09-Nov-14 10:37:56

Thanks vodka, which brand was it do you remember?

Fcukfifa Tue 11-Nov-14 10:26:59

I've just put a grey/brownish wood effect vinyl in my kitchen and bathroom and it looks lovely. It is flexxfloors and I bought it from homebase

Giraffeski Tue 11-Nov-14 10:31:57

We are doing a bathroom in oak effect ceramic tiles which looks amazing- we were looking at vinyl but wanted underfloor heating.

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