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Creative curtain alternatives

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freshlysharpenedpencils Wed 05-Nov-14 07:35:05

We have just moved into a very large house with huge windows in every room. We are only renting it for a year so we don't want to buy curtains (couldn't afford it anyway). We also stupidly didn't notice there aren't even curtain rails to attach anything to. So far I've just put tissue paper over them for privacy but it doesn't look too nice. So I'm thinking this is an excuse for an art project - what can I do?

Also I don't want them all completely boarded up with stuff as I still want to be able to see out, but enough privacy that folk aren't staring in at us.

Thank you in advance :-)

MrsAtticus Wed 05-Nov-14 07:52:52

You can buy reflective window film which leaves you able to look out but people can't see in, but then you still need curtains. We rent and a few years ago had a flat with very long large windows. I bought voiles and curtains from Ikea, and they have lasted years as I've just altered them to fit other windows. You can get sprung poles which will fit inside your windows without using screws or anything. These are normally used for nets but would be ok for very light cotton curtains. I got mine online from tonys textiles.

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