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How/where can you get stuff laminated?

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Alsoflamingo Thu 30-Oct-14 08:07:43

I have various bits and pieces (maps and posters) that I want to put up but that don't warrant expensive framing. So wondering where I can get them laminated….. Anyone know?

postmanpatscat Thu 30-Oct-14 08:10:25

Buy a laminator and some pouches yourself and do it at home?

Or ask a primary or early years teacher, most have them at home!

If larger than A3 it's a bit more complicated.

Alsoflamingo Thu 30-Oct-14 09:04:53

God - not sure I am good enough at that sort of stuff to do myself….. Would rather outsource to some one else. Kirsty Alsop I am NOT! May try DCs' teachers, though. Good idea!

postmanpatscat Thu 30-Oct-14 09:15:23

It's really not hard - no harder than putting a piece of paper in an envelope and then sticking it in the postbox! Amazon sell laminators for under £15.

Back2Two Thu 30-Oct-14 09:18:14 it possible to laminate large posters anywhere?

puddingisgood Thu 30-Oct-14 09:38:16

We have an office supplies shop near us that also does laminating.

burnishedsilver Thu 30-Oct-14 16:01:27

Try a printing place.

Alsoflamingo Thu 30-Oct-14 16:26:43

Thanks - will check out local printing places. The stuff I had in mind is largish so suspect I need someone else to handle it.

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