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Completely wee proof bathroom floor.

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newpencilcase Wed 29-Oct-14 15:33:27

We have laminate in our bathroom. It was there when we moved in 4 years ago.

We have 2 DS (5& 8) and , between them they have destroyed it.
Behind the loo it has warped and blistered due to the constant missing of the target confused

It is making the whole house stink and nothing will get rid of the stench. We need to rip it up and replace it.

What is the best covering, which will not be damaged by a constant stream of piss and will not retain the stench.


Katinkka Thu 30-Oct-14 09:19:42

Erm. Tiles?

tywysogesgymraeg Thu 30-Oct-14 09:21:46

Vinyl flooring.

But shouldn't you be teaching your sons to pee in the bowl?

Coconutty Thu 30-Oct-14 09:24:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puffylovett Thu 30-Oct-14 09:36:32

Ooh subbing, I have exactly the same issue, same age boys. We ripped up carpet to expose a concrete floor in our downstairs loo and the wee has just soaked in - the stench....<boak>

Re teaching to aim - both my boys foreskins are not fully retracted yet and the youngest boy has a bendy willy too. Add to that they get so involved with games they always leave weeing till the last minute, which invariably means it goes off at a right angle.

So yes, they have been taught to aim but it's not always possible!!!

newpencilcase Thu 30-Oct-14 09:42:07

Tysy, I haven't managed to teach DH that yet, the boys have no chance confused

tywysogesgymraeg Thu 30-Oct-14 14:02:17

I don't have boys - so will take your word for it. glad I have daughters now that I've read this

I think I'd put one of those horrible mats our grannies used to use round the base of the toilet and wash it every day (have several).

Or, can you teach the boys to wipe up any splashes if they can't aim straight (as I said, don't have boys, so clutching at straws).

newpencilcase Thu 30-Oct-14 14:43:47

What I've realised is it is round the back of the loo that has had the most damage. I think DS2 often wees at the back of the loo and it runs down the back confused.

DS1 is probably old enough to clean the bathroom floor but I doubt he'd do that bit !

burnishedsilver Thu 30-Oct-14 14:53:03

Tiles, with a sealant on the grout.

DayLillie Thu 30-Oct-14 15:00:41

vinyl, if you can lift the toilet and run it under (not always possible and it may then be higher up for the fixings) then seal it at the skirtings with clear silicone.

Otherwise, it has to be cut to go round the toilet and their is a 'seam' behind and these all need to be sealed with clear silicone.

Stuff can seep round and under it, sometimes later from condensation, if it is the bathroom.

Yes to frequently washed cotton mats (friend uses these for her aged DMIL)

Aim to replace after 5 years, in case it has seeped under.

My DS, who I thought was reliable, was caught using the inside of the lid for target practice by his very shocked DGF. confused

Fcukfifa Fri 07-Nov-14 18:38:30

I know this is a bit old now but if you haven't already put a new floor down try priming the concrete with zinsser bin primer, it will lock the smell of wee into the floor.

BuckskinnedAstronaut Fri 07-Nov-14 18:52:49

Poured rubber flooring, possibly? But I think that's pricey.

Tykeisagirl Fri 07-Nov-14 18:57:40

Nothing to so with flooring, and only have a girl so not my area but was talking to Sil about boys and aiming the other day and she uses Cheerios. They float so they give the boys something to aim at but they also flush away, thought this was a little bit genius.

WowWowSauce Sun 16-Nov-14 07:40:15

Vinyl - easy to look after and not slippery. I thought about tiles and realised the grout would absorb pee. Vinyl is cheaper and warmer under the feet too. Put sealer round the edges.

I don't have boys but I did have an elderly cat who always made it to the bathroom but not always the tray. Now I have a kitten who didn't always manage the tray. So I know all about cleaning up pee! Vinyl definitely worth it's weight in gold and bathroom smells fine.

IssyStark Fri 21-Nov-14 15:05:39

I'm afraid my DH taught our boy to wee sitting down for exactly this reason. He still manages to get wee everywhere from time to time, but more usually on himself/his clothes rather than the floor.

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