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Tana Lawn...too fine for curtains?

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TheRealMaudOHara Sat 25-Oct-14 19:46:53

I wouldn't usually even consider it but the print I want only comes on tana lawn fabric. I want to do one reasonable sized Roman blind (roughly 130x150cm) and a tiny curtain (window is about 30cm x 25 cm). If the blind is lined would it be ok? And a tiny curtain won't weigh much? Anyone have any advice or experience?

silversixpence Mon 03-Nov-14 21:07:22

I would have said no to normal curtains but for a small window and a roman blind it would probably be fine. Tana lawn is very lightweight so would definitely need to be lined.

BirdyArms Mon 03-Nov-14 21:14:17

I think it would be fine for a roman blind. If you are worried about the curtain could you maybe do it in a plain fabric with a stripe of tana lawn along the bottom? What sort of a window is it ie are you going to be drawing the curtain or leaving it open? If you're leaving it open that might make a thin one more OK.

TheRealMaudOHara Tue 04-Nov-14 14:37:08

Thanks both - that's the answer I wanted!! I will be drawing the curtain and using the blind too. Have had a bit of a re-think on wall colours so I might go with a different print/fabric...decisions decisions!

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