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Best paint with small children

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ilovehotsauce Fri 24-Oct-14 10:36:41

We are buying a new house and the hole thing needs repainting I'd like to do it at least the bottom floor and the bedrooms before we move in as we have a 1year old that's like a tornado!

I've looked at dulux endurance and there diamond finish trade paint but its pretty pricey is it worth it?

Is there anything cheaper that's still scrubberable?

I'd either like natural calico or white similar to timeless, I'm also looking for a good copy of elephant breath.

Thanks in advance.

ilovehotsauce Fri 24-Oct-14 11:01:56


burnishedsilver Fri 24-Oct-14 14:55:54

Dulux Endurance is well worth the money. I haven't found anything better. Ive tried a few cheaper washable matts without success. The Crown version is terrible. Its not really matt or washable.

Lagoonablue Wed 29-Oct-14 19:46:46

I used expensive matt paint and it is ruined in the kitchen especially with splashes and greasy marks. Next time will get endurance paint.

26Point2Miles Wed 29-Oct-14 20:08:17

Dulux endurance comes off when you wipe it

The only paint on the market which is actually scrubbable is valspar premium. You can get it made up through colour matching so any shade at all. It's the only paint you can rub with wire wool and it won't come off.... Not so with the 'endurance' I'm afraid

26Point2Miles Wed 29-Oct-14 20:09:05

Washable isn't scrubbable... Big difference

inconceivableme Fri 31-Oct-14 00:09:21

That's interesting 24.

inconceivableme Fri 31-Oct-14 00:09:35

26 even!

inconceivableme Fri 31-Oct-14 00:10:06

And my DH runs marathons too...!blush

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