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leather and fabric sofa in same room?

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5toocoolforschool Sun 05-Oct-14 23:15:42

I am getting rid of my brown leather sofas (yay)i am on a budget so am looking on ebay for used.

Have seen the caesar from dfs and i quite like it,and is a good price and in good condition too but its only a 3 seater with a footstool bit at the end of it,i will need a 2 seater sofa too.

Would a fabric sofa look weird in the same room as a leather one?Or can it be done stylishly?

My living room is pretty bare except for an oak tv unit and desk,the walls are cream and we have oak flooring.

Would prefer the ikea ektorp as it has washable covers but it would cost more as would have to buy new,there's none for sale 2nd hand by me.

I have looked on sofasofa but they take 10 weeks to deliver and i want one asap!

macnab Wed 08-Oct-14 16:51:04

I have a leather 2 seater and a fabric 3 seater in our living room. They look ok together. The leather is dark brown. The fabric is a sort of biscuity/dark fawn/brown colour, almost like a tweed fabric (not describing it very well sorry!!) I have the same cushions on both sofas which I think helps them match. Have never heard anyone say they look out of place, and I think they look ok.

Greencheese Sun 12-Oct-14 10:26:52

I love non matching sofas, I think they look great!

burnishedsilver Sun 12-Oct-14 12:08:22

Yes, absolutely, you can mix fabric and leather.

MiddletonPink Mon 13-Oct-14 13:33:59

Much prefer non matching.
I've got tan Chesterfield leather, cranberry fabric and a fabric stone chair. Looks classic.

puffylovett Sun 16-Nov-14 21:16:28

Yes to mix and match. I have a leather sofa and a fabric tapestry style one, which I am planning to recover in velvet smile

fussychica Sun 23-Nov-14 14:36:07

Yes - I think mine look good. I've a dark brown leather 2 seater and a cream three/four seater which I'm actually planning to change but only for another fabric sofa.

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