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Painting satinwood over existing gloss- what prepping do I need to do?

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Clr2014 Fri 12-Sep-14 09:11:33

Hoping some of you have expertise to share... I'm getting lost on DIY forums!

Lagoonablue Fri 12-Sep-14 11:24:42

I would wipe clean, dry with kitchen roll. Sand lightly with a finish paper, paint on undercoat, wait til dry then paint on satinwood. You may need 2 coats satinwood.

If it was for a more accessible area would suggest 2 coats of flat but that isn't necessary IMO.

Clr2014 Fri 12-Sep-14 14:28:08

Some Satinwood (like Dulux) have a 'built in' undercoat - do you think i need a separate one too?

Lagoonablue Fri 12-Sep-14 16:44:04

I don't like the idea is built in undercoat. Not sure why! I would follow manufacturers instructions on that. I use oil based egg shell usually.

KatieKaye Fri 12-Sep-14 16:46:43

Key the existing surface then wipe down. Slap on coat of satinwood. Done!

Unless the existing paintwork is in very bad condition, this should do the job with no need for undercoat.

Love satinwood because it is so easy to use and looks great.

Clr2014 Fri 12-Sep-14 17:29:04

What does it mean to key the surface? I've read that in a few places...

KatieKaye Fri 12-Sep-14 18:00:40

It just means you give a very rough sand, to help the paint adhere. It doesn't have to be perfect, just a quick go over with medium sandpaper. Then wipe down to remove any dust and dirt (I use kitchen wipes) and you are ready to paint.

Clr2014 Fri 12-Sep-14 19:20:38

Thank you.

80sMum Fri 12-Sep-14 22:21:44

Alternatively, clean with a cloth dipped in methylated spirit, then prime with a very "grippy" primer such as Zinsser BIN or Zinsser Coverstain or any good quality primer intended for glossy surfaces. Then paint with your Satinwood.

ouryve Fri 12-Sep-14 22:25:36

Give it a quick rough down with some paper, wash with sugar soap and rinse well, leave to dry. If paint underneath is old oil based gloss, then a coat of undercoat/primer (B&Q own brand or Leyland are good) will provide a good foundation for a modern acrylic eggshell.

Lagoonablue Sat 13-Sep-14 06:56:54

I disagree with the idea of not using undercoat. It makes a real difference to the finish and is much more hard wearing but each to their own I guess!

hunkydorymum Mon 15-Sep-14 21:54:59

We've just bought Zinsser Bin to paint over some varnished beams, hoping it will cut down need for excessive sanding!

FishWithABicycle Mon 15-Sep-14 22:12:33

Gloss has such a smooth surface that additional layers can easily peel off. Sanding is really important to give the new paint something to grip onto.

StripyBanana Sun 19-Oct-14 01:56:15

I came to ask the same question - lots of gloss but want a matt finsih. I think there is both oil and water based matt finishes just to confuse me... is that true? We usually use dulux though maybe they only do one?

We have a sandermouse so happy to sand.

So 1 - sand
2 - wipe (does it need to be sugar soap? dont want buy especially if dont need it? have white spirit/fairly liquid/wet wipes in the house if any of those do.
3- undercoat or not to undercoat - will it make a difference
4 - 2x matt paint.

Is that right?

If its had several layers of gloss already is it ok to addanother layer or should it be taken off somehow....?!

I've got stairs to do as well which I'm dreading.

Dee2016 Sun 25-Sep-16 22:12:27

What type of paint is best for painting furniture and allows for cleaning? Have been advised not to use chalk

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sun 25-Sep-16 23:22:11

Oil based is being phased out now, ahead of new regulations. Most paint is now water based

wowfudge Mon 26-Sep-16 07:46:33

Satinwood Dee has a sheen but is not shiny glossy. Can be easily cleaned and is hard-wearing.

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