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Question for painting pros (technique not colour)

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Wiggy29 Thu 20-Mar-14 12:25:52

I would say I'm okay at painting, not amazing but okay, yet I'm stumped at what's gone wrong in my kitchen.

It was newly plastered so I put a white base on (so far so good), yet when I used a roller to apply the main paint (Dulux specific kitchen paint) it has gone really 'bubbly' and almost textured.

DH suggested I put too much paint on roller/ too much pressure etc etc, yet I find this very odd as I painted it exactly the same way I've painted every other wall and they've always been fine.

So... as I've only painted one wall so far, I'm thinking should I try to sand it down and return the paint to the shop? Is this a known problem with paints that are bathroom/ kitchen specific? confused

DPs said it doesn't look too bad but to me, as paint already has a slight sheen, the strange texture looks really obvious in artificial light. Seems a shame when we've paid to have kitchen re plastered to be unhappy with the finish?

Also wondered if I should try painting a patch of a different wall in the kitchen with a 'normal' paint (i.e. farrow and ball that just applied in living room with no issues) to work out if it is an issue with base layer of white emulsion/ walls themselves, though it doesn't look like it)? confused

ilovepowerhoop Thu 20-Mar-14 12:32:10

when you put the first coat on over the new plaster did you water it down first? How long has the plaster been left to dry beforehand too?

Wiggy29 Thu 20-Mar-14 12:42:18

Over a week and no, I didn't water it down as plasterer (who is also a decorator) said we didn't need to? In the past I usually have but didn't in recently plastered/ painted living room either and that has worked out fine.

poocatcherchampion Fri 21-Mar-14 07:42:29

yes I'd agree plaster still wet or you should have done a milk coat. I'd stsrg bt leaving well alone for at least another week but not sure what else to suggest.

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Fri 21-Mar-14 23:35:48

I always seal with watered down UVA? Glue.. The stuff they use in schools.. Get it from b and q..
I say this as someone who just spent ages scraping off paint in sheets after previous tenant painted straight to plaster sad

InsertUsernameHere Sat 22-Mar-14 00:41:04

I've always found bathroom paint a bit more tricky. If you over brush/roll it you end up taking it off. Sounds like the base coat went on fine. Maybe try not overworking the paint - might need a slightly different technique. The folk in the paint shop might have a tip - or maybe your plasterer/decorator bod?

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