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Help needed from F & B committee

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Flatoutnautilus Mon 17-Mar-14 13:55:41

Hi All,

Sorry to start yet another F and B thread but I'm in a quandary. Is Middleton Pink too girly for a grown up bedroom? We currently have Calamine and although I've grown used to it (and like the warmth of a pinky tone) it needs a fresh coat of paint and its a little too mauve for me.

We have a lot of deep and dark black (v old oak) wood and I live in a household of boys/men so although not a girly girl at all - I yearn for a bit of femininity. Its also basement and although it has doors opening on to an outside bit it could do with some warmth/light.

My partner keeps banging on about 'parchment' instead which I think may look a bit more sophisticated. Any thoughts. Dimity? Pink ground?

Other colour charts I've looked at are Little Green and Paint and Paper library. Rest of house is in F and B but for the right shade I will swap allegiances!

Any thoughts most appreciated.
Thanks so much,
Flatout. x

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 18-Mar-14 19:03:19

This website is great for colour inspiration ... Maybe have a look through here to see pinks and other colours that blend well with them ?!

minipie Wed 19-Mar-14 17:00:28

Wouldn't recommend Dimity, it was in our bedroom when we moved in and it looked grubby and cold.

Look at Fired Earth - some lovely warm pinks. Rose Mallow looks very pretty. Peony Pink by Sanderson also looks lovely. They're both a bit paler and IMO more sophisticated than Middleton Pink but warmer than Calamine.

MInd you I'm just going off the website images which are not reliable so you'd need to look at colour cards !

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