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Help me soft furnish my living room

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Equimum Sat 15-Mar-14 11:02:02

Hi, I hope you lovely ladies can give me some help.

We bought a fairly small Edwardian terraced house last year, and the deposit took pretty much all of our savings (v. Expensive area in S.E). As a result, we have had to stick with our old furniture/ donations from relatives.

We now have a small amount of money which I'd like to use to make our lounge look more like a living room.

So, the room is pretty small and you walk straight into it when you open the front door. So far, we have a dark brown leather sofa and a medium grey fabric sofa. We also have a dark mango-wood TV cabinet, an open fire with brick surround and a panel whic is currently painted grey and a painting which has quick a yellowy hue. The floors are an oak-effect laminate and the walls are painted light cream.

We can't afford new furniture at the mo, but I was wondering what colourings you might add into the room, and whether we should think about curtains or Roman blinds? I like quite a cottage feel, so if anyone has any ideas of fabrics, I'd love to see what you're thinking.

I'm thinking of new window dressing, cushions, a rug and possibly painting the grey around fireplace.


TheArticFunky Mon 17-Mar-14 22:16:31

Have you had a look at pinterest? If you search period country living room it should give you a few ideas.

SilverSixpence Tue 18-Mar-14 09:38:58

I would add some colour and texture,, you can either go with warm earthy colours eg rust, red, burnt orange etc or natural, duck egg, soft greys. Have a look at BHS, debenhams, zara home, h&m home for adding accessories

anotherplace Tue 18-Mar-14 09:53:07

What about a nice textured rug? Look in Dunhelm Mill for really gorgeous cushions.There is a massive selection in the stores; much more than offered online.

cottonmoon Fri 21-Mar-14 10:46:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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