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What table with these chairs ?

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HaveToWearHeels Fri 14-Mar-14 11:35:38

I am looking to replace my current kitchen table and chairs and have fallen in love with the Charles Eames Eiffel chairs in lime green with metal legs. Rest of the kitchen is white gloss units with cream polished porcelain floor, three cream walls and one lime green. I just can't seem to decide on a table. Only need to seat 4 as we have a separate dining room. I was thinking glass so that when they are pushed under you can still see them. Not too expensive either as it will be used for all sorts of kids activities as well as eating. Square ? Round ? Help !

50shadesofmeh Fri 14-Mar-14 15:50:07

A round white tulip style table?

noddyholder Fri 14-Mar-14 15:52:05

I think old tables wooden look good with those chairs

noddyholder Fri 14-Mar-14 16:03:33

I have similar to thishere and I love it. I also have 4 of the chairs with a round glass table in the kitchen and it looks good but is a pita

HaveToWearHeels Fri 14-Mar-14 16:36:45

Love that look noddyholder, our current table is black glass and is a pita which is why it is going, so feel the pain.
50shades do you think I would be able to push the chairs underneath with a pedestal rather than 4 legs ?

50shadesofmeh Sat 15-Mar-14 09:08:24

Hmmm not sure I do think those chairs look good with pretty much any table as they are a mix of retro and modern

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