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Help-paint colour for cream kitchen

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Lorndfc Wed 26-Feb-14 11:48:45

We painted our kitchen units a cream colour.they look great against our walnut worktop and floors however we put up brick effect/metro tiles in a cream colour and they look yellowish in daylight.

After spending a fortune on testers I painted the walls a mercury shower 3 from dulux trade point but it looks lilac against the cream & is making the creams all look yellow.

I'm at such a loss as to what to do now. I need a colour to break up all the cream but without making the cream look any creamer or yellow. Not sure if I need to go for a really bold colour like a plum or deep red or if something lighter is better.i thought about doing the main wall plum but the other 3 walls a shade of green but didnt know if this would just look tacky.

Our kettle and toaster etc are also cream

Lagoonablue Wed 26-Feb-14 18:50:19

Pale sagey green is nice with cream.

GummiBear74 Wed 26-Feb-14 18:56:39

Or maybe an olive green? That has more yellow in it, so might make the other bits look less yellow.

mountainlover Thu 27-Feb-14 11:34:21

I'm on a similar quest. We're getting cream units and pale grey floor and I want something other than cream / off white on the walls. I'm also thinking pale sagey green, or a slightly brownish grey. I've seen pics with olive green that look good too.

SandyChick Thu 27-Feb-14 14:35:42

We have a similar problem. We have cream gloss doors and oak tops. We also have oak flooring. Our kitchen is bright in the morning and dull and depressing by noon.

I love the pale sage greens but it just didn't work in our kitchen. Made it too dark.

We had painted it all magnolia after it had been plastered so we knew cream was too plain and boring.

We've ended up going for Natural Hessian. Think its dulux. It's a grey/cream. We have used it before. It works well in our kitchen with it being a dark room it looks more grey but not dingy.

I've teamed it with green blind and curtains which are quite a bright green.

I'm starting to put thins together to go on the walls to break it up a bit.

shopalot Thu 27-Feb-14 14:37:51

We have duck egg blue. Cools down the yellow tones and looks lovely IMO!!

truelymadlysleepy Thu 27-Feb-14 16:55:24

I've got a pale duck egg too, with the odd pink accessory.

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