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IKEA kitchens.....advice please

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funnymummy2931 Sun 16-Feb-14 15:02:25

Good/bad any advice would be welcome.

DandelionGilver Sun 16-Feb-14 17:34:25

We've had ours for nearly 10 years and it still looks new. We have beech doors and a dark work surface. All of the units are sturdy and hard wearing.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Sun 16-Feb-14 17:45:54

Our builder has recommended ikea kitchens. We went to have a look yesterday and were generally quite impressed. The worktops let the rest of the kitchen down if you ask me...

We're probably going to go for ikea cupboards/appliances but a worktop from somewhere else....

funnymummy2931 Sun 16-Feb-14 17:57:54

Thank you. Going to have another look tomorrow with DH and decided. smile

funnymummy2931 Sun 16-Feb-14 17:58:39

TMNT I agree about the work tops!

dashoflime Sun 16-Feb-14 17:59:52

The kitchens are nice but the service is not great. Be prepared to chase.

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