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Advice on en-suite colour scheme and design please

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HawkeyeInChaos Fri 14-Feb-14 12:19:33

Hi. I'm new to this section, but I would appreciate some advice please.

I am (hopefully) moving soon. My new home needs redecorating and new bathrooms. I have ideas, but don't want to mess up as I'm not any good at this home design thing.

The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom. It is about 8' x 7', east facing (ish) with a small window. It will have white sanitary wear - sink, toilet, shower. I would like to have tiled floor and walls. I like mid-dark grey large tiles, and would like to do both floor and walls with these. My questions are:
- is this likely to make the room too dark? If so, what would be better?
- should I go with chrome or white extraction fan, cabinet, etc? (I favour chrome)
- would it look ok with a white storage unit (for towels and the like)? Any recommendations? (it will need to be tall and narrow)
- what lighting is currently in favour in bathrooms? I think I want to stick to ceiling lights rather than walls. Any alternatives to downlights?

I intend to use grey with plum accessories in the bedroom.

Note, I hope to be in the house for years, so me liking it is more important than resale. But I don't want to do something which everyone else thinks looks awful. Also, I am unlikely to change it in the next decade or two so am not after anything really trendy that will quickly date.

What do you experts think please? Thanks.

7to25 Fri 14-Feb-14 14:44:18

Dark tiles will undoubtedly make the room look darker than white ones but really that is just personal taste as you won't be "living" in the room. You can have it looking dark, it will never look large and you could embrace that.

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