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Playroom ideas..what's in yours (and what curtains/blinds do you have)???

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Mrsdp123 Mon 10-Feb-14 16:42:45

Our playroom looks a bit ugh. Once everything is tidied away it still looks dull, where are you supposed to hide all the large pieces of plastic like kitchens and garages? Then with all the storage boxes you can hardly move, and they don't play with the toys you have hidden away because they can't see/reach them...
Plus we have doors leading out to the garden that need some form of window dressing..we have curtains up at the moment but they are not v practical for when the children are running in and out or using the to swing off..we have to have something at the window to stop the neighbour standing at the wall and looking over. Am thinking a roman blind that will just come half way down...that way he will only be able to see me when I am lying on the floor weeping...
I keep looking at. Pinterest and google images but surely no one really has a playroom that looks like that do they. Or should I really be adding indoor slides/climbing walls and daintily dotted toys made of wood all about the place...(confused)

happydutchmummy Mon 10-Feb-14 22:52:07

Ours has ikea expedit unit (4 x 4) with colourful boxes to store toys, with a box of fancy dress, box of duplo, box of art things, etc. Dd knows she is only allowed one box out at a time (makes tidying up so much quicker). And as everything has its own box dd knows exactly where to look for specific toys ( and her friends who come for play dates all figure out pretty quickly what's in each box)

Have you considered getting the kids choose some wall stickers to decorate it a bit more. They are easy to change as they get older, and can make the room look more child friendly. You can get really giant ones on eBay very cheaply.

I like changing things up quite often, and at the moment have paper party ceiling decorations hanging up to make it feel bright and colourful

A lot of our big toys live in the cupboard under the stairs, and only one or two are out at a time, as when they are all out it takes up all the space leaving no room to play... plus when you circulate them they become new and interesting once more.

We just have normal curtains, it works for us.

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