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Help! Kitchen decor!!!!

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Sarahjk12 Mon 10-Feb-14 14:28:40

Hi we are having a new kitchen fit in a couple of weeks and we are having cream gloss, the kitchen is ushape that swings round for a breakfast bar then we have a dining area with table. I'm wanted to maybe wallpaper the walls were the table is to kind of make it feel seperate? The floor isn't changing this is grey. Didn't know whether to have a dark grey granite work top and maybe have pink/ grey wallpaper and paint the walls in the kitchen bit pink/ raspberry to tie it all together?

This is just a vague idea I'm open to any other options or your ideas. Please help!!!!!!

whereisshe Wed 12-Feb-14 14:05:08

I would never choose pink, but that's just a personal thing - it's not a colour I like, and I think it's difficult to make it look sophisticated. But if you like pink then pink and grey do look great together.

Another option is to create the division with different lighting - you could aim for bright/airy with the kitchen colour choices, and cosy/snug with the dining room choices? That way the colours can be similar but use tones and textures and lighting to make the rooms feel separate. It would be more subtle.

Sarahjk12 Wed 12-Feb-14 20:21:49

This sounds great! By pink I did mean a plum colour not bright pink!
My worktop is dark grey with silver sparkle and my units cream handless gloss, the floor is a light grey and my table is cream. Everything else is a blank canvas- I like the idea of having a wallpapered wall in the dining bit, any help you can give me would be great as your ideas sound fab!
I've looked at that many colours and samples I've confused myself. Again thanks

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