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What colour walls for a dark kitchen with oak cupboards?

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Lucky13 Sun 09-Feb-14 11:43:51

We have a small cottage with an unusual kitchen that is half dark and half light due to its layout.

There are newish solid oak, shaker cupboards, with some contrasting units in a painted white. The walls are currently a sun yellow colour, with a lot of tongue and groove type woodwork (old, not modern) in white.

Any ideas on some nice colours to paint the walls and the contrasting units/ wood work?

ThePearShapedToad Sun 09-Feb-14 11:49:36

With oak and white, I'd
suggest a striking blue or green- maybe flora dale isle for green
Or 5010 or blue?

wonkylegs Sun 09-Feb-14 11:52:02

Our house had a dark stained wood kitchen, black granite worktops and grey slate floor with dark red Walls & dark stained woodwork (Volcanic splash I think) - the wall colour was lovely but dragged the dark room down.
We've just had the whole room redone - oak kinda shaker style units (made by our joiner), cream quartz worktops, pale porcelain floor and I've painted everything brilliant white.
It took about a zillion coats but boy was it worth it, the room looks twice as big and the white really shows off the beauty of the oak.
It's now a gorgeous room. I had considered Dulux trade 10GY74/087 which is a pale leaf green (&i still like) but I think the crispness of the white looks nicer.

I would go with something lighter than above due to being a dark kitchen,I think those colours would look too dark.

What are your favourite colours?Could work on a suitable shade from them.

Sweetart Sun 09-Feb-14 12:06:44

We painted our oak kitchen in this green colour,with white walls. It looks much brighter.

Lucky13 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:13:37

PearShapedToad - those are lovely greens, but far too dark for my kitchen I'm afraid. I do love green though TripTrap (i have various gray/greens in the living room and dining room), as well as blue or yellow.
The room is north facing, receives no sunlight and only half of the room has daylight from a window above.
DH would never let me paint the cupboards Sweetart as they are quite new and handmade oak (fairly light oak).
I was thinking of just painting the walls white and the contrasting cupboards an interesting farrow and ball colour, which could be a lot darker?

josephinebornapart Sun 09-Feb-14 13:21:30

I'd go for white or a very near off white maybe one of the Farrow and Balls.

ShoeWhore Wed 19-Feb-14 20:03:03

Egyptian Cotton (Dulux) might work? Depends on the tone of your oak, I think. I do quite like the idea of pure brilliant white everywhere though.

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