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can you mix gold and silver in one room?

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Kitttty Sat 25-Jan-14 14:11:59

have large silver mirror and silver based lamps -- do we need to stick with silver for picture frames - or can I use gold - sticking to all the same feels a bit much....but maybe adding gold might be yuck -- thoughts?

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 25-Jan-14 19:22:52

Silver is a cool colour and works well with cool colours , gold is a warm colour - you can guess what comes next !
You can mix both in a room that has a mix of cool and warm colours but if it only has one or other it's better to stick to the one ! (IYSWIM )

That's the official line ! But try it and see if you like it ! Worst case you - return the gold frames and replace with silver ! Make sure you keep the receipt ! :-)

cheryl19843 Wed 29-Jan-14 23:17:12

I would say no. We've been in our new house just over a month and I distinctly remember when we looked around the living room had all silver door handles, sockets, light fittings and curtain rail but the wall was spray painted gold and there were gold ornaments. I cringed at time n I cringe thinking bout it now lol

HaveToWearHeels Thu 30-Jan-14 11:05:10

No don't mix.

Bonsoir Wed 05-Feb-14 16:31:00

I do - I've got a silver Flos KTribe floor lamp, family heirloom silver vases, silver coffee table and a gold 1940s mirror in my sitting room. Looks just fine to me - all in the same "elegant but comfortable" vein that the whole room is about.

Elizabeth22 Wed 05-Feb-14 16:47:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 05-Feb-14 17:00:39

Yes. I've just bought some wallpaper that is dark grey with urns and decoration on it and it has black, grey, gold, silver and white on it. It tones in and glimmers really well.

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