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All I want is a pair of plain white washable curtains. Not the moon on a stick...

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LoveSewingBee Wed 09-Oct-13 22:25:54

I would think John Lewis is likely to have them.

Or consider making them yourself. Don't know if there are any fabric shops near you or otherwise a John Lewis. Making curtains is quite do-able even if you don't normally sew that much.

dollywould Thu 03-Oct-13 23:02:13

Haha, IceCream! This week's hhhhobby is soft furnishing. All I need is A computer, Mumsnet

Curious Orange. That's a Farrow & Ball paint name in the making, isn't it?

<remembers the need for, um, orange and grey tartan curtain fabric for another room>

It's going to be like the flaming Lord of the (Curtain) Rings getting this house done, isn't it? One bloody quest after another...

perplexedpirate Thu 03-Oct-13 21:36:12

Ask the Curious Orange?

IceCreamForCrow Thu 03-Oct-13 21:29:52

grin Drink you weak lemon drink NOW!

dollywould Thu 03-Oct-13 21:18:30

IceCream those curtains would have been perfect but for their eyelets <fussy mare face>

LittleMissWise Those look great - I hadn't thought of pleats on them but if they are thermal, white, plainish and go in a machine, those are the curtains for me...

Will doublecheck Next too but hurrah for Dunelm Mill and the power of Mumsnet!

Right. What can I help all of you with? Only tip I've got worth sharing is that I cleaned a copper plate with half a lemon and was amazed at how well it worked. Better than any cleaner I've ever bought.

(That's all I've got. Googling curtains wrung me dry...)

Thank you all so much for your help. Here, have some more flowers

dollywould Thu 03-Oct-13 21:11:57

Thank you all so much. I knew I should have asked here first!

The curtains are actually to replace some of the Ikea unlined tabbed cotton ones - they're just too thin and I need to get some decent lined ones in to replace them. And then fix the windows. But that's another thread...

I did look at White Company but I didn't see any white curtains (Chrissie, love, you're missing a trick there...)

I'm looking for pencil pleat curtains (Would've helped if I'd said that earlier, wouldn't it?) and I'm hoping to find a pair with a thermal lining.

Dunelm Mill and Next are great ideas. Thank you.

And I've loved 'moon on a stick' since Fist of Fun too, 2kids. I think I remember reading that Richard Herring still gets people coming up to him and saying it that'll-be-us-then

Just going to look at the links but cake wineand flowers to you all for your suggestions smile

LetsGoCena Thu 03-Oct-13 20:43:09

Next used to do them. Not sure if they were dry clean or not but I used to wash them! They do a range of plain curtains in a variety of colours.

LittleMissWise Thu 03-Oct-13 20:41:00

These are machine washable. I can not zoom my iPad in far enough to see if they have a slight pattern on though!

IceCreamForCrow Thu 03-Oct-13 20:35:15

Also if you dont want blackouts but find some are too 'see-through' you can get linings which hang behind curtains from Dunelm Mill.

IceCreamForCrow Thu 03-Oct-13 20:28:23

Washable with blackout lining

bundaberg Thu 03-Oct-13 20:28:00

i'm going to be honest and say i'd buy a cotton pair and just wash them.
my sofa covers are supposed to be dry clean only, but they come out the machine just fine.

IceCreamForCrow Thu 03-Oct-13 20:23:27

Washable smile

IceCreamForCrow Thu 03-Oct-13 20:20:07

La Redoute might be worth a look. They do have lots but I'm not sure what style you're after. (curiously they seem to sell some cutains as one panel rather than a pairconfused)

The moon on a stick has been by mn name in the past <irrelevantblush>

2kidsintow Thu 03-Oct-13 20:06:22

lol @ 'Moon on a stick' - I remember the show that saying came from and have loved that saying ever since. smile

sinclair Thu 03-Oct-13 20:04:12

I have been rehemming a pair today for a client that were from IKEA and had the label in them - they were washable.

These were unlined plain cotton 'machine made' ie not hand finished - but you could probably get a separate lining to hang behind if necessary?

This lady has them 'dressing' a window where a blackout blind does the actual job of keeping the light out.

Phineyj Thu 03-Oct-13 20:03:06


The White Company?

Make some?

dollywould Thu 03-Oct-13 20:01:36

Now, you see? That's what googling 'white curtains' repeatedly does to you.

That was meant to be a <tiny sob>


dollywould Thu 03-Oct-13 20:00:15

I've spend ages looking, googling 'white curtains'. More than is decent for a woman my age. I've pounded the streets, gawping at soft furnishings.

I might as well have gone to Greggs.

There are some lovely linen and cotton ones but they are all dry clean. There are some not-so-lovely synthetic ones with patterns that can probably be seen from space.

But if you know where I might be able to find a pair of plain, white, washable curtains, you'd make this MNer - and her google history - very happy...

tiny sob

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