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Colour scheme help please

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iheartdusty Sun 29-Sep-13 20:03:27

thanks MairzyDoats,

the floor is pine boards, the varnish is a bit too yellowish but I can't change it at the moment. I presently have a rug that has a bit of everything in it, but it's too multi-coloured really.

Light Umber is a pale biscuit colour, so, yes, a light beige.

I think you are right about taking that colour and going a bit darker.

I keep seeing nice plum accessories, but I get them home and they are just wrong. I must stop thinking 'mauve' or 'lilac' or 'grape' and think 'red' and 'maroon' instead.

there isn't any more yellow beyond the two cushions, and the sofas really are quite reddish. The Margo Selby cushion I linked to does have all the colours in it, it's just that the purple is a red purple and is quite dominant from the sofas.

anyway you have given me some good food for thought, thank you

MairzyDoats Sat 28-Sep-13 23:06:25

Or how about a soft plum shade if it's just the one wall?

MairzyDoats Sat 28-Sep-13 23:05:24

It's hard to tell from your link, but what colour is light umber? On my laptop it looks pale grey, but I suspect that's wrong... If it's a pale beige then maybe go for a couple of shades darker? You've got a lot going on with red-brown, grey-green, plum AND yellow but it sounds like you know what you're doing. What colour is the floor?

iheartdusty Fri 27-Sep-13 11:24:53


iheartdusty Thu 26-Sep-13 23:42:27

Repainting the sitting room. I need a deep, warm colour for some walls please, and I might be able to manage a new rug as well.

I have:

Chestnutty/ rust brown velvety sofas.
Accent cushions in turmeric yellow and silvery green
Wooden tables and wooden lamps with lampshades in silvery grey and a dark plum.

Most walls will be light umber because I've got lots of it left over from the hall and need to use it up.

So it's a reddish-brown//grey-green/plum/yellow colour range, but all the colours are quite muted and deep and rich.

Please tell me what colours to look at for paint???

I just can't picture what I want.

I keep looking at design seeds but the colours are too strong and bright.

the room is quite tall and fairly light, and I'm aiming for a warm, soft relaxing feel.

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