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Colour scheme for cottage bedroom

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lighthousesea Sat 28-Sep-13 12:53:31

Pinterest is fantastic for ideas and colour schemes.

Periwinkle007 Fri 27-Sep-13 13:55:10

well as I say it might not be exactly 60/30/10 but it is something close to that and it does make sense.

Twiddlebum Fri 27-Sep-13 06:48:19

Ooh I like the idea of the 60, 30, 10% rule. I was thinking of having some quite large house plants (in white pots) so would be the 30 (green) with a few punchy coloured (maybe bright pink) items thrown in.

Periwinkle007 Thu 26-Sep-13 22:09:24

I would probably pick out one or two colours from the rug. I think they have some percentage rules with decorating so something like 60%, 30%, 10% (have I got that right? - I should add I actually have very little idea other than what I like myself) so your main colour is white/cream so that is your 60%, then you pick out two other colours from your rug and use them in the room, so I suppose one could do curtains, lightshade and then be picked up in bedding colours and the other could do cushions and perhaps tie backs on the curtains or a vase on chest of drawers. I don't think it matters which colours you pick as long as you like the combination because they will be pulled together in the rug. You could always do the cushions in the lesser colour but then stitch a trim on to add the middle colour so it really does all come together.

any of that sound possible?

Twiddlebum Thu 26-Sep-13 09:34:54

Anyone that can genuinely give help and advice, if you what to pM me i can tell you what to search for on eBay to see pictures of my bedroom complete with the rug etc to help. (Don't want to post on here)

Twiddlebum Thu 26-Sep-13 09:29:38

I meant to day that the new chests of drawers are white!

Twiddlebum Thu 26-Sep-13 09:27:20

I have a small 2 bed cottage (with a large bedroom) I am currently selling all my bedroom furniture and starting again so seeking advice. (I had edwardian chest of drawers and matching ornate large dressing table painted white in a distressed shabby chic style which although looks lovely but also seems to look grubby!!! So time for a change!)

A description of what I have to work with...
Large room, one side has bed up against chimney (ivory coloured metal bed) I have wicker hampers underneath for storage.
Either side of this are two alcoves (one much wider than the other)

On the opposite wall is the door on the left, then room for a chest of drawers then a door to another cupboard which used to be the airing cupboard. (Under this door is two more vintage wicker hampers stacked) then a door to my walk in closet (so no need for wardrobe) the doors are oak slatted cottage style doors with black ironmongery on.

Window with deep sill on on of the other walls.

The floor is white painted floorboards which have become 'distressed' I could repaint but it will only go back to looking like this quite quickly so keeping it. On top of that we have a very large vintage rug which is very shabby/granny chic. Got it from eBay for £30 and can't afford carpet so its staying. Its very busy and colourful. The colours are somewhere between bright and pastel iykwim with pretty much every colour you can imagine.

So this is where my problem lies..... How do I decorate to work around this rug? Currently have a feature wallpaper on the chimney breast and also patterned bedding but it all clashes with too much going on!

I'm going to order 3 chests of drawers from the next 'hove' range which are which and one of these will be the larger style one with the 4 drawers across the top. The big and one other to go in the alcoves and the other one to go on the wall with the doors.

I want to paint the woodwork white and thinking of painting the walls cream. How do I inject colour etc into the rest of the room without clashing with the rug??

Do I have a feature chimney breast again? What colour bedding? (White is out as we have dogs!) and how about curtains etc?

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